How to sign up an account to play Captain Strike

There are 2 ways that you can sign up an Appota account to play Captain Strike.

  1. Sign up in game:
  • On log in window, choose Tab “Register” or “ĐĂNG KÝ”, fill up the blanks.


  • Username:
    • UserName including normal and uppercase words (a-z), without numbers and ( _ ) mark
    • UserName can’t empty or duplicate
  • Password:
    • Password: including 6 characters or more, can use numbers or special characters.
  • Re-enter password: must be the same as password
  • Email:
    • Not required but should fill up so we can support when you have trouble with your account, or to join an event..

-Finally, click on Register to finish sign up


Noted: we can’t support your account without any informations in the sign up form

  1. Sign up by website:


  • Fill up the blanks :

+ Username:

+ Email:

+ Password:

+ Confirm Password:

+ Full name:

+ Phone:

+ Month/Day/Year:

+ Male/Female:

  • Finally, click on Register to finish